German Version

        My name is Nicole and I'm from Vienna, Austria.

Only this page is available in English at the moment!
Here you can translate all my pages into different languages, but it's a bad translation!!

  My hobbies:
  meeting friends
listening to music
I like:  writing e-mails
  humor - i love to laugh    playing billard
  (live) music reading
  holidays watching tv (p.e. science transmissions, thriller, comedy..)
  my hobbies :-) surfing Internet
  spare time going out in the evenings
  having fun designing my homepage   
  the view over the sea journalism (journalist of the magazine CyberZine)
  my friends sleeping a lot  
  Greece painting (acrylic, I paint abstract)
  The Simpsons (Futurama..) driving my car 
  freedom snorkeling
  my family ........
  the sun if you want to know more, you have to ask me...
"Reality is an illusion, evoked by a lack of alcohol!"
  to do nothing - old irish wisdom :o)
  Monty Phytons
  my life !
  my bed keep smiling
  good tasting food - my mom's food :-), Pizza + Pasta, Kebap, greek, mexican, chinese...
  icetea (peach!)
  everybody who never gives up
  still sooooooo many other things

I love archaeology! I am very interested in it, it's exciting.
  In addition I could write still much more..
  Everybody who is also interested in it - please contact me!!

  I really don't like:
  liars     You can
  arrogant people put my body
  unfaithfulness in jail,
  war but my mind
  cold foul weather will always
   wait haughty and tawdrily dressed bitches be free
  and boredom (which I never have) !
  bleed Boygroups
computer mice without scroll wheel
people they dont't realise how to appreciate all they have
  The worst that I can imagine in the world is...

...that there is so much harm!!!
...that people don't realise how to appreciate all they have!!!
...that the media report about everything, about every fucking topic, (then we think it's
   important!), but they don't report for exemple that every day thousands of children in
   the 3th world must die!!!

...that money is the only important thing in our world!!!

  My personally mottos:
  There is a difference between living and beeing alive!
  Live each day of your life, as it would be your last!
  When you give up, you have lost!
  My last motto :-)

  My job:

I have found my dreamjob!
I am Webmaster of 5 homepages, onlinejournalist, assistant of my boss,
I'm responsible for marketing and I support colleagues by using computers.


          The Nagy emblem

Ruler over the folk
Nicole is Ancient Greek and is deduced from the male name Nikolaus, it is a composition of 'nike' means victory and 'laôs' means folk.
Nagy is Hungarian and means 'large' (
respectively big
[also great! :o] - it isn't easy to translate).
Nicole = Big victory over the folk
My parents knew apparent my charakter before I was born..


  My old flat share

  What does some of my friends say about me?
1. She is very nice.
2. She is always happy and funny.
3. She is liable.
4. She is there for you, when you need someboby.
5. She is beautyful.
6. She is there for her boyfriend when he needs her and she is very affectionate.
7. She is always honest.

  Nicki is courageous, because she has other opinions, she is true to her word, that's why she is so honest!


I must say, I didn't want to publish this first, because I don't want to appear arrogant.
I hope Sebastian M. will not ground a Nicole fanclub.. ;)


At first: Austrians don't drink coffee the hole day long, they don't hear Mozart or eat Mozartkugeln and
Sachertorte (Sacher-cake)..
No, they publish very funny personal homepages!

My Desktop background: A Picture of Nicki... I love to hear her voice (a CD from her would be a very
nice idea).. and: I'm addicted on her!
She's the universal solution of any of my problems.
If I have headache...I think of her.
If I'm depressed...she is there for me and helps me.

I like her because she is crazy and seriously, charming and heartily.

Briefly: Nicki is a dream. Doctors should prescribe her to everyone..

  Nicole:  You never know what she is speaking about, but she speaks ;-).
She does what she does because she does it :-)).
She likes to travel and she loves Greece.
Nicole is really nice!!
And now I hope, she doesn't publish this :-)).

  Here you can see some photos of me!
  Who wants to see me naked?   
  An other picture from me - in the morning!! :-)

   Here are some sayings, which I like because of there truth..

                       Your memories are the only paradiese, from which you cannot be banished of!

                                                                               An idea is not enough.

              Nothing in the world is as fairly distributed as the intellect, everybody belives to have enough.

                                                   The reality fails because of the dream.

                        Great days, don't cry because they are over, be pleased that they happened!                                     
                             (I know, it isn't easy sometimes!)

               Laws resemble spider webs, small one will be jailed, big one tear them.

                                                        Den elpíso típota,
                                                        den fowáme típota,

                                                        ime eléftheros.

                                                    I hope nothing, I fear nothing, I am free!

                                                        Nikos Kazantzakis
, cretan writer

                                   The wounds of the victors heal faster then those of the loosers.

It's much more difficult to fight against the darkest mights of humans, than to plan an interplanetary journey.

                                                           If I would be able to live without working, I would be the happiest creature in the universe.

      In your heart, you must always be likea child!

                                                               Offenses are the arguments of those, which have no arguments.

The worst at the dirt is that nobody can clean it :-)

                                  It's better to do something and regret it, than don't do it and regret it.

It's sad to be an exeption, but it's much more sadder to be none!

                                                                                  In the light you can't see darkness, but in the darkness you only see the light.

                                              Be attend to your toughts, they will become words.
                                                Be attend to your words, they will become wonts.

                                                  Be attend to your wonts, because they will become your character.

                                                    Be attend to your character, because your character is your destiny..